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Our Care System 

Around the world, hundreds of millions of children and youth are living with the effects of war and conflict. Separated from their homes, schools and loved ones, many are overwhelmed by manifestations of distress.  

To meet these urgent and evolving needs War Child is developing a comprehensive system of care with children and youth at the very centre. Grown out of more than 25 years of experience, it enables us to meet children’s varying needs - all according to the highest standards of humanitarian care.  

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Within this War Child Care System is an integrated suite of evidence-based methods - spanning our thematic areas: education, psychosocial support and child protection. 

Given that these methods are developed from scratch - by our dedicated team of research specialists - it makes sense that they are all at varying stages of the research process. Some are just in the pilot phase. Some have made it to a full-scale effectiveness trial. Others are ready to be shared with partner organisations for use wherever children are affected by violence. 

You can find an overview of our two flagship interventions here . For all the latest on our ‘methods in development' head over to the next page

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